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About Reichart Capital LLC

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James Reichard, CPA, PFS, RLP

Managing Partner

Work Role

Jim is one of the founding partners of Reichard Capital and currently serves both as the Managing Partner and as the Chief Compliance and Investment Officer. In these roles, he oversees all aspects of the firm’s operations including management, research and compliance.

Jim is a Certified Public Accountant, a Personal Financial Specialist and a Registered Life Planner. His comprehensive approach allows him to tailor each client’s needs uniquely to build an individual strategy which meets both short- and long-term goals. Jim closely monitors each clients’ portfolios and conducts semi-annual reviews with clients to ensure that any market conditions and personal life changes are considered and evaluated.

Prior Experience

Jim began his career with Touche Ross & Co. in Richmond, Virginia, in their audit department. He then moved to the tax department at Coopers & Lybrand in Charlotte. Prior to founding Reichard Capital, Jim worked for 31 years with a local accounting firm where he served various roles, first as a tax partner and then as a wealth management partner. He started and established that firm’s wealth management group, which he grew to half a billion dollars before his departure.

Personal Bio

Jim is a native of Manitowoc, Wisconsin. He attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison, graduating with a Bachelor of Business Administration in accounting and administrative management. He is married to Frances, who is a Charlotte native, though she did grow up in Wisconsin. They have two sons, both of whom live in Charlotte. Jim has been active in the non-profit arena as a longtime board member of the Charlotte Rescue Mission with which he retains close ties. He is currently involved in several ministries at Saint Peter Catholic Church in Charlotte, and serves on the board of the Jeff Gordon Children’s Foundation.

Joshua T. Reichard, CPA


Work Role

Josh works in several capacities for the firm. Primarily, he serves as a financial advisor to clients. This encompasses financial planning, portfolio construction, and assisting clients with financial decisions as they go through life. He also serves on the firm’s investment committee. In addition, Josh is the firm CFO and COO. He oversees the day-to-day operations and management of the firm.

Prior Experience

Josh is a Certified Public Accountant who earned a master’s degree in accounting and information systems from Virginia Tech. Subsequently, he spent over eight years both working in public and private accounting. He served mainly small to mid-sized companies in all aspects of their accounting and administrative functions.

Josh’s interest in investment advisory services began in his undergraduate days at Wofford College, where he was a part of the R. Michael James Student-Managed Investment Fund (now the James-Atkins Student-Managed Investment Fund). This opportunity helped him begin to mold a process around investment research and decision making that he practices with his Reichard Capital clients today.

Personal Bio

Josh is a Charlotte native. After graduating from Virgina Tech, he lived and worked in the D.C. area for seven years before moving back to Charlotte to be closer to friends and family. When he is not working, Josh enjoys playing tennis, walking his dogs Rebel and Vann, and spending time at the beach.


No Title

Work Role

Sue serves as the firm’s main point of contact for processes related to new accounts, account transfers, money movement and account maintenance with our custodians and CRM platforms. On behalf of client requests, she coordinates with outside attorneys, tax preparers and other advisors. Sue works closely with Jim and Josh to generate portfolio reports and the firm’s monthly advisory fees statements.

Prior Experience

Prior to joining Reichard Capital, Sue worked 20+ years in the construction and real estate industry serving as a construction contract administrator, property manager as well as several other client supporting roles. Additionally, Sue worked with Jim during the early years at GW & Associates Investment Advisors, LLC in the same capacity she serves now.

Personal Bio

Sue is a Charlotte native with extended family throughout the Carolinas. During her childhood, she lived over seven years in Mexico and Venezuela as well as Germany while her husband, Lary, served in the US Army. Returning to the Charlotte area in 1987, Sue and her husband enjoy traveling, cooking, fishing, and spending time with their family. In the community, they support the Arts & Science Council, programs for the enrichment of music in childhood education, and several animal rescue groups.


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Continuous Financial Planning

A financial plan serves as the cornerstone of your wealth building strategy. Starting with your goals, a plan brings together your resources and time horizon to determine how and when those goals can be achieved. Together we will produce a plan tailor made for you to achieve your goals and guide you on the path to implementing it. As time passes, your circumstances may change and perhaps your goals will too. This is why we believe no plan is static, it should evolve with you. We will facilitate this evolution to make sure your plan’s goals and strategy stay aligned.


Life Planning

Life planning focuses on the human side of financial advice. In Life planning, we discover a client’s deepest most profound goals through a mindfulness-based process of structured and non-judgmental inquiry. Then, using a mix of professional and advanced relationship skills, we inspire clients to pursue their aspirations, discuss and resolve obstacles, create a concrete financial life plan, and provide ongoing guidance as clients accomplish objectives.


Generational Wealth Transfer

Our public accounting background and credentials make us keenly aware of the many nuances surrounding wealth transfers. Careful planning to help minimize the tax impact of a wealth transfer can have an enormous impact on the legacy of our clientele.


Portfolio Management

Every one of our managed portfolios, like our clients, is unique. We take a risk tolerance approach to your portfolio construction. Our biggest investment belief is ‘time in the market is better than timing the market’. A key success factor in our portfolios is not only the growth and compounding elements over time, but it is the qualitative element of having the appropriate risk for our clients to withstand market movements and stay invested for the long term.


Ongoing monitoring of investments

At Reichard Capital a lot of consideration goes into the securities we choose to put in our clients’ portfolios. We review the selections annually to make sure they meet our internal requirements.

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